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It¡¯s Finally Happening: Aaliyah for M.A.C. Is Real

Discount MAC Cosmetics Aaliyah was one in a million and in honor of that fact, she's finally getting her very own MAC collection. The R&B singer, who tragically passed away in a plane crash at age 22, has long been a fan-favorite request for the beauty brand ¡ª and the social media outpouring has worked! Aaliyah for MAC is set to launch in summer 2018.

I hope you enter holography because M.A.C. is serving the main Zen: 21st century girls are mixed with the latest capsule series, suitable for the name M.A.C. Chromat.

Futuristic and bold makeup series is the cooperation between the cosmetics giant and the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Foundation. The CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund started as a game for the local designer to create a "wearable but adventure" limited edition line Chance, according to the fashion. Winner Brooklyn Studio Chromat (performed by Becca McCharen-Tran) and its final project was finally disclosed as M.A.C. Chromat.

Unfortunately, details of the collection beyond the announcement have yet to be released, but this news comes on the heels of yet another posthumous collection, MAC x Selena, which was released in late 2016. The Selena Quintanilla-inspired capsule of lipsticks, blushes and shadows were so successful that they sold out immediately after the launch and were restocked because of high demand. It wouldn¡¯t surprise Us if the same thing happened with Aaliyah for MAC ¡ª especially because both collections are the direct result of fans championing the idea on social media.

The vibrant series expresses the "inclusive position of gender, technology and athleticism", filled with bold, vibrant lipstick, eye shadow and eyeliner (thinking: the Milky Way blues and the rich red), which are wrapped in "bionic 3-D print package ". Prior to this, we have integrated the entire world of lines together, so you can carefully observe the cosmic cosmetic bag before entering the store this summer.

Other MAC lines to keep an eye out for: a new collection of MAC Cosmetics Wholesale nude lipsticks with Nicki Minaj and yet another Viva Glam collaboration with Taraji P. Henson.

But wait, there is a reason. According to "Women's Daily" will be Nordstrom Rack preferential prices to sell its discontinued products (or may be out of the product). In this way, the brand can make room for new and popular goods on its main shelves. Let's face it, it's almost the best of both worlds. The new M.A.C. will have more room. Okay, but we can still access some of our old stuff - and boot at a discounted price. Is not a bad thing at all.

This is just the best news for the makeup company. Earlier this year into the Ulta beauty shop across the country, which of course is a huge shopping moment. If you miss it, then M.A.C. Chromat Collection debuted in all of its cosmic glory for the first time. Yes, for M.A.C. is definitely a solid summer. make up. If you need me, I will find out what the next step to buy gorgeous products.