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Tadema Gallery - 20th Century Abstract Art - Home Page

Artists include:
Valerio Adami, Robert Adams,
John Armstrong, Michael Ayrton,
Alice Baber, Trevor Bell,
Georges Braque, Lawrence Calcagno,
John Christoforou, John Cocteau,
Robyn Denny, John Ernest,
Terry Frost, Claude Flight,
Claude Georges, Patrick Heron,
Anthony Hill,
Malcolm Hughes,
      Gladys Hynes, Gwyther Irwin,
Tess Jaray, Peter Kinley.
Stefan Knapp, Bryan Kneale,
Mieczyslaw Kotarbinski, Wifredo Lam,
Mark Lancaster, Fritz Levedag,
Richard Lin, Mary Martin, Kenneth Martin,
Bruce McLean, Rory McEwan,
Bernard Meadows, John Milne,
Jeremy Moon, Alastair Morton,
Paul Neagu, Aurelie Nemours,
Victor Pasmore, Henri Pfeiffer,
Ivan Picelj, Edgar Pillet,
John Plumb, Patrick Procktor,
Jack Smith, Aleksandar Srnec,
Henryk Stazevski, Takis,
Joe Tilson, Michael Tyzack,
John Wells, Gillian Wise

Our Art collection can be viewed by appointment only tel/fax +44 (0) 2073591055 mobile +44 (0) 7710082395
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Sonya & David Newell-Smith founded Tadema Gallery in 1978 with 20th Century Abstract Art
Decorative Arts & Artist designed Jewelry 1850-1970
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All photographs © David Newell-Smith
Last updated 8th August 2009

Reproduction of images only with written permission
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